Benefits of your window cleaner using pure water-fed pole systems

In previous years the only way a window cleaner in Kent or anywhere else was able to provide their services was to use ladders. Yet recent requests from the UK Health and Safety executive urged the window cleaning industry in the UK that they should seek “a viable alternative” to ladders.

Whilst water-fed pole systems have been used in previous years they have always proven cumbersome and wasteful on water. These days as far as a window cleaner in Kent and other parts of South East England are concerned a new pure water system has provided the most economical way of ladder less cleaning with great advantages for the consumer too.

The use of a new pure water system has meant that a window cleaner in Kent and South East England can now clean windows that were originally too difficult to reach with the use of a static ladder.

When a window cleaner uses a pure water cleaning system for windows it means that any impurities on the glass will be held in the water. When window glass receives a final rinse through new pure water fed poles it leaves the surface of glass totally sterile.

Additionally a window cleaner that uses a pure water system will finish windows with a crystal clear finish so they will dazzle like never before. Finished windows are spotless and do not need to be wiped of any contaminates after they have been cleaned with a pure water system.

When a window cleaner uses this type of cleaning system there is no residue left from detergents which means that windows stay much cleaner for far longer.

We at Ezy Clean are experts in providing our new pure water leaderless cleaning system providing efficient and fast cleaning from our large team of window cleaners in Kent and South East England.

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