It’s that time of the year again

What to buy for the man in your life causes perennial problems for thousands of women. Whether it’s Christmas, birthday, anniversary or even Valentine’s Day, with the best will in the world the quest to find the perfect gift can end in failure.

It’s therefore good to know that there is help out there. There are companies set up and ready to find that special gift for the taciturn male, although many prove to be rather expensive. Men’s gifts have frequently flummoxed wives and partners in the past as they literally haven’t got a clue what to buy the man who seemingly has everything.

Although these days we would seemingly be spoilt for choice, when it comes to buying gifts for men, we often find ourselves corralled into buying the old favourites such as French smellies, woollen sweaters, ties, socks and slippers. Where women often complain that men take no time in deciding what to buy them, the same can be said for women who with the best will in the world, without endless preliminary research, and asking family and friends, find that they are not that interested in the male psyche anyway, don’t spend enough time on that all important gift and get it wrong.

Deciding on a price rather than a brand is always a good place to start when choosing gifts for men as value for money is often at the forefront of most men’s minds. This way if their partners get it wrong, they don’t get it expensively wrong. We at Henry Tibbs provide hundreds of unique gifts for men that range from the very reasonable to the more luxurious gift. Whether it’s cufflinks, quality shaving products or al fresco dining (always the male preserve), many inventive gifts for men await the discerning female buyer.

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