BMX: the ideal family sport

For many families who are already quite active but would like to increase their physical activity, BMX could be the answer.

BMX is often associated with stunt cycling and tricks. However, it is BMX racing that has the longer pedigree. BMX is short for ‘Bicycle Moto Cross’, a pushbike version of the motorcycle sport, moto cross. This racing aspect of BMX is recognised by the British Cycling Federation as an official sport.

In the UK there are regional and national BMX racing competitions in which families are encouraged to participate. The British Cycling Federation issues rules and guidelines on participation in the sport. It also stipulates rules on the type of bike that can take part as well as on the clothing and safety accessories that must be worn during participation in any race.

To assist in meeting the official requirements, many families find it easiest to seek the advice of an official BMX dealer. Not only will a dealer be able to give advice on equipment and clothing that meet the British Cycling Federation rules, they can also help identify the right size bike for the different age ranges and builds within a family.

Once a club is joined and race meetings attended, families can discover that BMX is very much a social sport, making it ideal for adults and children to make new friends.

At Flywalk we have all that a family needs to get started in the world of BMX. As an official BMX dealer we welcome enquiries from riders at all levels.

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