Steps towards DIY maintenance and repair of a BMX bike

The experienced BMX rider will consider regular maintenance of their BMX bike, including the replacement of parts, as much a part of the fun of owning a BMX bike as riding it. To the novice however the prospect of having to work on a BMX bike in this way can be slightly daunting, particularly if they do not consider themselves mechanically-minded. The following pointers however may be of assistance.

First of all, purchasing a complete BMX bike will obviously involve less initial maintenance than customising a bike from scratch. In addition, provided expert advice is sought on the most appropriate model and size for the individual (and of course on the bike’s intended use) any initial damage to the bike is also likely to be minimal.

Secondly, gradual familiarisation with the set-up of BMX bikes and the methods of maintaining them can be gleaned from a wide variety of instructional videos now freely available on video sharing websites. Internet blogs can also shed some light on maintenance issues.

Finally, do not forget that BMX is a social sport. New riders will often make friends with more experienced riders who will be able to offer advice on repair and maintenance issues. With help and advice novice riders will often be able to start working on relatively small maintenance projects.
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