Break out of the fat zone with hypnotherapy

Now your first response to the word ‘hypnotherapy’ may not be a positive one. Yet thousands of people across the world have found that the right type of hypnotherapy has helped them break out of the habits that have caused them to become obese.

If we can learn not to shove food into our mouths when we actually don’t need it, then we will lose weight. Of course we all know that a healthy diet combined with exercise is what we need; after all we are constantly being bombarded with the message in the press and on television. However, a healthy mind can keep people slim.

Many of us have slim friends who don’t do a lot of exercise, but have the body that we crave. What they have is a distinct attitude to food. They eat when they are actually hungry. Overweight people sometimes respond to signals they think are the body saying ‘feed me’ when it can, in fact, be saying that they are thirsty, or bored, or unhappy.

What is needed is to change dominant attitudes to food. The pounds would fall off overweight people.Imagine if our society only ate what our bodies needed, rather than what our minds ‘told’ us to eat.Excess pounds could fall off; better than that they would stay off. Hypnosis or hypnotherapy can assist individuals to ‘hear when they are hungry.

Hypnotherapist Rick Collingwood has designed both CDs and MP3 downloads that have helped thousands retrain their behaviour, without them having to make such a huge effort.

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