Wooden toys keep their appeal

There are so many different toys for babies and children these days that it can be quite bewildering. From technical computer games, even for tinies, to remote control cars that are more difficult to drive than the real thing, it can seem that anyone who is already grown up doesn’t have a chance of understanding it all.

However, there are thankfully, still some recognisable signs of childhood. Places such as My Natural Wooden Toys still provide the wooden toys that are familiar as traditional childhood toys. It makes choosing gifts for babies and children fun again instead of the plunge into the unknown it so often seems to be.

It might come as a surprise but often, the children are just as delighted with playing with their wooden toys as you were to find them. Not to mention their mums and dads, who are often enchanted to be taken back to their own childhoods as they watch their child playing with traditional toys.

Part of the attraction of traditional toys is that, however much society and technology may have changed, babies and children still grow and develop in the same way that they always have.

Traditional toys give small children the opportunity to develop their imagination, co-ordination and reasoning skills. When you watch toddlers building a tower of wooden blocks and then knock it down again, it might look like just playing, but you are seeing the development of all of these spatial skills. The ideal playthings for this useful learning are traditional wooden toys.

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