Brighten up your home with new doors

At the moment, there is some speculation about wooden doors causing problems with the environment. However, it has been pointed out that UPVC doors are causing more damage to the environment than necessary.

The growing of trees is now organised by timber firms with companies having in place a reforestation programme. The programme works as a safeguard to make sure there is always a new cycle of timber. The amount of timber used for a wooden door is quite small. Responsible companies have gone to great lengths to make sure the restoration of forests works well because they believe in the concept of sustainable development. They know their duty to future generations.

At Kaybee Doors, we design and produce a range of both external doors and internal doors that are a great focal point of any home. Semi-detached, detached or modern homes all benefit from having a secure home with aesthetically pleasing doors. We supply a wide ranges of exterior and interior wooden doors made with security in mind.

Our external oak doors are popular with our customers who love the traditional look on an external door but love to have internal doors made in pine.

Internal doors are the gateway to each room in your home and are the finishing touch to any décor old or new.

Pine doors are usually light in colour with a variation in grain. External pine doors have an advantage of being painted and waxed. External pine doors that have been waxed are easily maintained.

Exterior pine doors are not used as an exterior door due to the fact they are not solid enough to provide the correct amount of security required to keep out intruders.

However, it is not advised that they are used for exterior as they are not as solid and provide little security against intruders compared to a solid oak door.

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