Secure external doors are of great utility

Deciding to change external doors or internal doors can become a tricky task for both new and established homeowners.An external wooden door is the first thing that welcomes your visitors who call to see you at your home.All external doors need to be robust and secure. Whether a house is modern or traditional, there is a demand at the moment for external oak doors due to home insurers demanding security measures are in place.

At any time throughout the year an external oak door that is solid will stop the wild windy wet weather seeping through into your home. If you have an external door that is tried and worn it may be the culprit of your higher gas and electrical bills.

At Kaybee Doors, we have a range of composite external doors which are made with use of the latest technology.Composite external doors can be purchased in a traditional or modern design while still keeping the look of traditional timber. Composite doors are made with a solid wooden interior that is filled with a foam to keep your home insulated.Any of our doors can be made to order in a variety of colours with door knobs and handles of your choice.

The result is a secure and attractive wooden external door that keeps you feeling safe and comfortable in your home.
Our craftsman can make to order any external door to complement any home.If our composite external doors are not for you, we have a choice of external door that can be painted with a different colour at any time in the future.

Whatever your choice of external doors, you have the advantage of mixing and matching your external door with either a modern or traditional pane of glass and door accessories to suit your personal taste in outside décor.

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