Change your car to go green

Global warming will have an impact on our lives in some way. Whether it is in our lifetime or that of our children, the impact we have on the environment will have lasting consequences. The industrial revolution has been the driving force behind our high emission levels, the demand for power and heating has increased continuously.

In the West, we have been fortunate enough to develop cleaner ways of producing electricity; this has helped to reduce our emissions dramatically. Unfortunately, developing countries are relying heavily on fossil fuels in order to build their economies. The fact that coal and oil are relatively cheap, and that these countries may not have the infrastructure in place to negate their impact on the environment, means that they are taking our place as the biggest polluters.

Another contributing factor of global warming is car emissions. Large polluting cars do have a negative impact on the environment. When it comes to car emissions, no motorist is blameless. In the USA, the fact that petrol and diesel is so cheap means that many Americans buy large gas guzzling cars. These types of vehicles produce high emission levels and are therefore harmful to the environment. In developing countries, motorists generally can’t afford to buy clean, low emission producing cars. A lack of money means that they can only buy cheaper cars which tend to be high polluters.

If you are thinking to yourself ‘I’d love a cleaner car, I’ll need to sell my car first but who will buy my car?’ then there may be a solution. At Sell Car UK we buy nearly all makes and models of car. We could buy your car and leave you with plenty of cash to go and buy a new low polluting car. You’d do your bit for the environment and maybe even save a bit of money on the way.

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