Concrete polishing can strengthen a concrete floor

Concrete polishing can quite literally, transform a concrete floor from looking like just a traditional dreary grey coloured concrete floor that offers nothing to enhance your companies image into something which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and will last even longer.

Concrete is of course renowned for its durability and, as a result has been one of the favoured choices in the construction industry for centuries. This is evidenced through the hundreds of thousands of properties all over the world, some of which are centuries old with concrete floors still in place doing their job.

On the downside, concrete in its most basic form can be abrasive and as it is walked upon, the foot traffic will cause wear and tear with minute dust particles flying around. The potential wear increases exponentially if heavy machinery is moved over it on a regular basis.

It is inevitable therefore that in order to preserve the strength and integrity of a concrete floor, maintenance is required.

Concrete polishing is now recognised as one of the most effective ways to extend the life of a concrete floor and with the floor preparation being absolutely critical beforehand, it is essential to ensure the machinery and materials used are suitable and up to the task.

With an ever increasing need and emphasis on profitability, sustainability and of course, a companies image, the preferred choice for many companies is now to insist suppliers and service providers make every effort to use only environmentally friendly products.

At Westcoast Resources, we have worked for many years with our suppliers to ensure that the wherever possible, environmentally products are used when undertaking concrete polishing.

The equipment we use in the floor preparation is designed to cause the minimum of mess meaning that it is not necessary to close down an entire work or sales area whilst the polishing is undertaken.

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