Changes in a home can be cost effective

Mixing contemporary designs in a room with new candles, candles holders and other items such as linen cushions can bring a room alive.If you have one room that is looking tired, a change of colour on a main wall can make a large difference without too much cost.

Modernising a room by adding a few home accessories in a splash of colour or a pale colour to tone in with your new colour will be effective. If you are not sure of your colours you can make use of paint swatches.

A selection of tall and small candles, votive candles and lanterns placed in a small corner of a room near a favourite chair can create an illusion of grandeur at a reasonable cost. At Nordic House we have candles and candles holders that are both plain and decorative to allow for flexibility in any room.

Most modern homes accessories are changed at least twice a year as a way of freshening up a room without too much cost or hassle.Bathrooms are in use every day and can benefit from changes in home accessories such as wall mirrors and linen towels.

Modern home accessories are able to make a difference to any room that is in need of a fresh look.

If you are a party person and love partying outside in your garden our stock of candle lanterns make fabulous house accessories that can be moved out doors to give atmosphere to any celebration.

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