Refresh a room Scandinavian style

When you are looking to refresh a room it is important that you have in mind the picture you want to create.Take time to decide on the important home accessories you are keeping and what can be disregarded.Think of a theme and the main colour scheme you are going to use.

Living rooms can be updated by taking a main feature in a room such as a grandfather clock; using a traditional item as the main feature of a room does not stop your room from looking contemporary.Contemporary home accessories can be simple items that are different but with a simple design.There are thousands of contemporary home accessories in both strong and pale colours.

When home accessories are teamed together with a few candles, candle holders or lanterns it changes the whole appearance and atmosphere of a room.No home accessories are complete without taking into account the.Restyling your furniture with cushions is an effective way to bring a room together.

Too many cushions on a settee and both chairs may look too fussy. One chair that is not always in use will look fabulous with two or three textured cushions leaving the rest of the furniture as a blank canvas.

Using colour as a main theme in a living room with a focal point and a few home accessories can make all the difference.
At Nordic House we have gorgeous linens and light home accessories which complement the inside and outside of a home.

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