Chemical crazy

You may have never thought it possible that science and personalised number plates would have any connection at all. It’s a fair assumption that there probably aren’t many of us who have seen an experiment carried out on a number plate. After all, a number plate is simply a piece of plastic with some numbers on it, there’s no way that this could be linked to science.

If you happen to believe that there is no link between personalised number plates and science, then you’d be wrong. The current style of number plates with two letters, two numbers and three letters, provides people interested in science with a huge array of potential number plates containing the two letter identifier of chemical elements. For example, the number plate “AG10 SER” would be perfect for anyone, scientist or not, who has an interest in silver. Ag is the chemical symbol for silver and the letters SER are also present in the word silver.

Along the same lines would be a personalised number plate like “AU57 GLD”, AU being the chemical symbol for gold and GLD nearly spelling the word gold. Number plates containing these letters would certainly be ideal as a gift for any lover of science or precious metals, if you find a special someone who is interested in both, then this could be the most perfect present ever.

The amount of number plates containing chemical symbols available from Platinum Plates is quite staggering. There’s far too many to list all of them, however, a few examples include things such as PT for platinum, CU for copper and MG for magnesium. Based on this evidence, it’s quite hard to argue that science and personalised number plates don’t have some connection. If you’re a fan of science or maybe just chemical elements then a personalised number plate is a great way to show off your interest. You may enjoy observing the reaction.

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