Not too difficult

Number plates have a long and varied history. There have been three different distinguishable styles of number plates over the years. The old, cherished style of number plates came first, followed by the prefix style of number plates and now the current style of number plates.

Both cherished number plates and prefix number plates have given us many memorable and fun combinations of numbers and letters. These number plates include such combinations as “K1NGS”, “R4MBO” and “F1” to name but a few.

The most recent style of number plates does not leave the same amount of scope for creating interesting number plates. There’s not an awful lot you can do with two letters, two numbers and three letters; you certainly can’t make number plates such as those mentioned above. The problem with the modern style is that it’s hard to make the two letters after the first numbers represent part of a word. It has often been accepted that you can use a “3” to represent “E”, “5” to represent “S” and “0” to represent “O”. This does make some words possibly but it is difficult because you have to put two of these letters together, eg “05” to make “OS”, this is a good example as you could make a number plate such as “GH05 TAD”, the first five letters spell out “GHOST”, the last two initials could be used to represent your name.

It clearly is possible to make an interesting number plate; you just have to be creative. If you’re looking to make personalised number plates, then at Platinum Plates we have a clever search facility that allows you to search for available plates based on the numbers and letters you choose. We even provide the closest alternative if your exact selection is not available.

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