Choosing a personalized gift for a special mom or dad

Our moms and dads are truly special people, but quite often do not get the recognition they truly deserve. There are so many occasions where we need to get our parents presents or gifts, and it can often be difficult to decide what type of present to give them. Parents are an entirely different generation, and as such, it can be a strain to find something that’ll suit them.

Occasions such as thanksgiving, birthdays or mother’s day and father’s day can often have us sons and daughters stuck for ideas on what to get. Having exhausted all the usual options such as socks for dad and jewellery for mom, you will want to buy them a personalized gift that will make mom or dad feel appreciated and loved, something that is unique and personal from you.

An original and different idea for a personalized gift is a personalized newspaper article. These articles are basically the title page of a well know newspaper, except you have the power to choose a personalized title aimed directly at your mom or dad.

The article in a personalized newspaper can be fully edited, however at In The Paper we give you guideline articles to help you get a head start and steer you in the right direction. You can amend these articles as you see fit, or leave them as they are.

You can upload photographs and tell funny stories – the more personal detail you can go into, the more thoughtful your article will be. We all appreciate our parents and know how generous and selfless they are, but let’s be honest, we probably do not tell them enough. Saying it with words is a great way to do it and a personalized newspaper is a great way to show them how much you care.

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