Choosing the perfect romantic birthday gifts for a special lady

It can be difficult buying birthday gifts for that special lady in your life. You know you need to get her something that she will love and something that is uniquely from you, however you cannot ask what she wants as then you may be accused of not listening to her! However, if you try and second guess and get it wrong, you could also be in trouble.

Most of all, you want your gift to be romantic and thoughtful, but at the same time unique and something she has not received before. Flowers and chocolates make great birthday gifts but are not strong enough for a stand alone present. What you need to buy for your loved one is something personal and customisable, something memorable that reflects on your time together as a couple.

Fake newspapers are a great idea and perfect to be given as thoughtful birthday gifts. They may not seem like an obvious choice at first, however the choices of titles and flexibility available in creating the articles is so vast that you can really tailor them towards that special person and make her feel truly important and loved.

The great thing about fake newspapers is that you usually have the option to fully edit an article yourself so you can really be creative. Women love to be complimented and told how beautiful they are, so using these articles to shower her with affection is guaranteed to get you in her good books.

At In The Paper we have a vast selection of titles for fake newspapers which are specifically aimed at girlfriends, wives or that special person in your life. Romantic, thoughtful and truly original, fake newspapers tick all the boxes in terms of romantic birthday gifts, and will show that special lady in your life that you have thought about her.

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