Choosing between TV brackets and wall mounts.

Choosing whether to mount flat screen televisions or have them fixed to TV cabinets is a decision that ought to be carefully made.

Homeowners who like to redecorate their properties regularly and change the location of furniture may prefer to have the devices on stands that can be moved around if necessary. Expert traders offer great choice in regards to TV cabinets, meaning there is a type to suit many tastes. Simple shelf designs are ideal for shoppers who do not have much clutter and prefer clean, sleek lines, for example.

Householders keen to update rooms will find they are likely to come across stands that match new decor due to the huge array of lines on offer. For example, manufacturers have created ranges that come in cabinet styles and others that are designed to fit in corners or on table tops. Within each category, there are many colours and a selection of materials. Contemporary shoppers may prefer to stick to chrome and glass TV cabinets, while those living in more traditional homes can opt for products created from wood.

However, there are advantages to mounting televisions with wall brackets. As they keep the devices off floors, there is less chance of them being knocked over, or damaged by pets or children, for example. Many of the brackets on the market have been designed to offer as much flexibility as possible in regard to their movement.

This means that once appliances have been attached to the wall they can still be tilted and moved in different directions depending on the type of mount chosen. For example, swing arm mounts ensure that televisions may be brought nearer to viewers if necessary, while cantilevered wall mounts see the devices being swivelled towards those watching. The brackets have also been designed to complement modern TVs so they blend effectively into rooms.

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