Break the rules of aging

A few streaks of grey, the tell-tale signs of sagging skin and the little paunches…and as per rules you are entering the realm of old-age. Then along come the little reminders from the body that it would no longer be able to dance quite in tune with your young at heart mind. Yet thankfully, gone are the days when you had to completely succumb to these reminders and conform to the rigid rules set by advancing age.

Of the many products that have helped in breaking the age barrier, Pfizer is to be thanked immensely for changing the world for millions of men forced into a celibate life not by choice, but by the restrictions given out by the aging body. Erectile Dysfunction has been a major problem faced by men, especially by those past the middle-age. When most men are just in their prime, ED can creep in and many aren’t left with much of a choice but to continue living with it. However, when Viagra made its appearance, away flew the barriers and came the new age of renewed-youth for the ‘mentally young’.

No matter whether one is in their 30s, 50s or past 80s for that matter, an active sex life is now possible if you have the desire and the drive…and yes the prescription from your doctor. Viagra can be used by men of all ages, but the only hitch is you need to make sure that you are not on any nitrate drugs or are suffering from any cardiovascular disorders. Taking the drug under such conditions could even lead to fatal consequences. Your best bet is to see a doctor or even give us a ring at Menscare and get your medical history examined… and just go for it if the doctor waves the green flag.

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