Choosing BMX bikes: two important considerations

There is an extremely wide range of BMX bikes on the market in the UK right now, and it can be difficult to decide which one is the best for you. However, with a little advice from a specialist BMX dealer, and the right choice of BMX brand, the would-be BMX rider will soon be set up to take part in this exciting sport.

When checking out BMX bikes there are two often overlooked points which are worth drawing attention to.

Firstly, all BMX bikes have a single gear. This fact often surprises people who are new to the sport of BMX, particularly since most other bikes on the market often proudly boast multiple gears, such as racing bikes and mountain bikes. The buyer will therefore need to check whether the gear on the BMX is a high one or a low one. For speed riding, including vert (high ramp) riding and racing, a higher gear may be preferable. On the other hand, if the freestyle rider wishes to secure a large degree of control, or the BMX racing rider wishes to perform better on courses which have steep slopes,a lower gear may be preferable for your BMX bike.

The actual size of the BMX bike is another challenging area. Sometimes a BMX bike might appear to be the perfect size for a rider. However, in practice the freestyle rider might well need a larger area on which to perform tricks; whilst in BMX racing it might be found that the bike needs to be lower to enable a shorter rider the option of standing whilst pedalling, giving them that much needed additional speed.

At we always consider small but important points like these, points that other dealers easily forget, when advising our customers on the correct BMX bike for them.

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