What brand of BMX parts should I buy?

BMX is an increasingly popular sport throughout the world. This popularity is reflected in the growing range of different BMX bike parts on the market, and the multiplicity of companies supplying these parts for BMX riders and enthusiasts. Many BMX riders however, even those who are relatively experienced in the sport, often find the plethora of different BMX parts on sale exciting but, ultimately, rather confusing.

BMX parts, for example, may carry the brand name of one of the well known specialist BMX design and manufacturing companies, a name often linked to that company’s ownership by a famous BMX professional, such as Dave Mirra (who has a range of BMX video games). An endorsement such as this for BMX bikes is an instinctive indication of quality. Yet the amateur BMX enthusiast will often not be sure how to distinguish between such impressive sounding brands, particularly if, despite being made from identical materials and being seemingly similar in design, one is far more expensive than the other. Cost is always a factor when choosing your BMX parts and accessories.

On the other hand, some BMX bike parts may appear to be purely functional, whilst others will seem to have been designed with strong aesthetic qualities. The amateur BMX rider will often find it difficult balancing an instinctive desire to add to the overall appearance of a bike, against the need to maximise the BMX bike’s handling and performance. This is particularly where the underlying specifications for these BMX parts appear to be so similar.

To avoid such confusion, most BMX enthusiasts will buy their BMX parts through a specialist BMX outlet where impartial advice and information can be relied upon. Our experts at bmx.co.uk are more than happy to help you identify the right part and accessories for your BMX bike.

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