Choosing diamond engagement rings

A diamond engagement ring for your future (hopefully!) fiancée, is surely one of the most important purchases that a man can make in his life. Going down on bended knee may be a nerve wracking prospect in itself, but choosing such a personal, romantic and not to mention expensive ring to offer your partner is a daunting task surely for every man.

Even if you are certain of a happy outcome of the proposal, nothing short of her saying “no” could be worse than choosing the wrong kind of ring, and a woman’s taste is usually very specific.

As a man you might think diamond engagement rings are just diamond engagement rings – right? You would be wrong. The choices available in different engagements rings, and different cuts of diamonds, can be endless and overwhelming.
There are different styles and designs – and have you thought about the shape of the diamond– or the setting? The most popular choice of diamond engagement rings are solitaire diamond rings. These have a timeless style and with this, you might think that you are on to a winner. However, even with only one diamond to deal with, there are still very important aspects to consider that can best be described by the 4 ‘C’s – the cut, clarity, colour and carat.

Jewellers such as us at Marlows Certified Diamonds can help you with your research.Consideration of the 4 ‘C’s will affect the style of the ring, the quality and the size of the diamond – and of course the price.

Above all, remember, it is not necessarily about how much you spend. It’s instead more important that you consider your wife-to-be and her personal style and taste. Only then can you be sure that your diamond engagement ring will result in a very happy “yes”!

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