What kind of engagement ring should you choose?

Often the focus of debate over an engagement ring is the consideration of a diamond – what shape and size, colour and carat – with very little discussion over the band itself. White gold engagement rings have recently become much more fashionable. Once forming only a small part of a jeweller’s range, white gold engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular and they can be found in many jewellers on the high street, and online, such as with us at Marlows.

However, it may interest you to know that technically there is no such thing as white gold. In the sense that gold is found in mines, there are not specific mines where only white gold can be found. White gold is an alloy of gold and some silver metals – such as silver or palladium. There can be the same amount of gold in a white gold ring as what you might consider a ‘normal’ gold ring – it is just that it is mixed together with different metals. Nickel was once used in white gold engagement rings, but no longer. The reason that nickel is no longer used in white gold engagement rings is because jewellers found that the nickel caused a reaction in some people.

If you do not want to wear traditional gold, white gold engagement rings are a nice alternative to platinum – which can be much more expensive – but still give a similar look.White gold rings can be coated with rhodium to make them look much more white – again, similar to the platinum effect.

This can wear away eventually but your jeweller should be able to re-plate your ring with this white metal to restore it to its original shine. After all, you’ll want the brilliance of your engagement ring to last at least as long as your marriage!

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