Choosing the ideal gift for your dad

Though some might say the hardest thing in the world is to find a gift for a woman; the surprising fact may be that it is much harder to find one for a man, especially if it is for your dad! While the difficulty in choosing a gift for a woman lies in that there is huge list of options to choose from, the difficulty for choosing a gift for a man arises from the apparent limited nature of the feasible choices!

Apart from the obvious choices of a pen set, a watch, a shirt, suit, cuff links or tie, or even probably a bottle of your father’s favorite wine, the choices are seemingly few- unless there is something that you know your dad badly wants. Even then, things may be complicated.

For instance, a premium box of Cuban cigars or a good coffee maker would make an ideal gift for your nicotine/caffeine addicted dad. Items like those would obviously be far from your choice of an ideal gift for him if you have been determined to try to get him off the specific habit.

If you find yourself stuck at such an awkward point, you might not know which way to turn for a surge of inspiration. However, Henry Tibbs has a wide range of practical and stylish gifts for men and which you can easily buy online. When you are trying to avoid a purchase which may make neither you nor your dad happy, it makes good sense to look somewhere where possible solutions are waiting to be discovered.

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