The enduring charm of silver jewellery

For many people, to own a good piece of individually crafted and designed silver jewellery is about as good as it gets. Silver is a soft metal and a versatile one, lending itself equally to both plain and intricate design and is the jewellers’ choice of precious metal for the young particularly. As the intrinsic value of gold and platinum goes through the roof, silver becomes the popular choice for well crafted pieces of jewellery that are not exorbitantly priced.

Today’s consumer is very eclectic when it comes to choosing and purchasing jewellery. For many jewellery lovers, it is something out of the ordinary and oozing quality that catches their eye. For example, it could be a heavy plain silver bangle or choker that matches in equally with day and evening wardrobe. Or perhaps it could be something more individual that speaks to them personally. Whatever their choice, silver not only provides good design in jewellery but also value for money where it can be anything up to ten times cheaper than its gold equivalent.

Firms like imogen-mei pride themselves on creating a unique product rather than run of the mill and tailor their market very much to individual taste. They also provide something they feel is reasonably priced too. Because silver is fast becoming the first choice for designers, there is a wealth of it available and to find something different that is reasonably priced and will remain in fashion for a while is quite difficult. So buying a piece of silver jewellery in fashion terms can be like selecting the enduring quality of the little black dress.

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