Choosing your wedding rings

Whilst the engagement ring may be an unexpected surprise, most couples will choose their wedding rings together – and many different factors may affect their choice of wedding rings.

Firstly, other jewellery – namely, the engagement ring itself!
Before you consider a wedding ring, look at the existing jewellery of your fiancée, consider whether they wear silver or gold – or both. The groom may wish to consider how the wedding ring fits with a watch for instance – perhaps a family heirloom. If a couple have differing tastes and styles they may try to reflect both in the colours of the wedding rings – for example, a ring that incorporates more than one different colour.

They may choose to opt for gold – as a more traditional, beautiful style of wedding ring – as a compromise in tastes. Whereas platinum is a very popular trend for wedding rings at the moment – think of the years to come, when you will hopefully still be wearing your wedding rings together.

Ultimately, the decision to opt for gold, white gold or platinum is based on the personal choice of the bride and groom but there are other important factors to consider other than just preference of the design. Some metals are more durable than others and you need to bear in mind that some people can have allergic reactions to certain metals.

Perhaps what may inform your decision most of all is the price – gold may offer better value for money, but perhaps if a partner has a preference for a lighter coloured metal, white gold wedding rings may offer a desirable alternative. Platinum is often the preferred choice, but prices can be far more expensive than gold.

Whatever your decision, a reputable jeweller such as us at Marlows will be able to help advise you, making the choice an enjoyable experience.

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