Fancy Dress – Hire or Buy?

For many years, there has been little choice for anyone invited to a fancy dress party. They find the nearest fancy dress hire shop and arrange a visit to see what costumes they have still available for the date of the party. Visiting the local fancy dress hire shop is not always that easy. Often they are miles away and maybe in another town. Many of them also have unusual opening hours or only open by appointment.

Once you arrive, you may well find that all their best costumes are gone if the party you are going to is on a particularly busy date. You will definitely find that many of the costumes are not your size. This is perfectly understandable as these businesses need their costumes to fit as many people as possible and the best way to do this is make them large.
Another problem with fancy dress hire is that the costumes often smell a little strange. This is usually a mixture of moth balls and the countless cleaning after people who have previously worn the costume.

Fancy dress hire can be expensive. You normally pay a deposit on top of the hire charge and deductions can be made from this. First of all, if you accidentally damage or dirty the costume, it will cost you. Secondly, if you have a problem getting to the shop at the appointed time, to return the costume, you are likely to face further rental charges.

At Fancy Dress Ball we have a huge selection of fancy dress costumes which you can buy. They are in your size and you never have to worry about returning them. The cost is often less than the hire charge. You’ll be so pleased with your costume you will be looking for reasons to dress up.

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