Christmas hampers-an old tradition

Christmas hampers used to be popular as a convenient way to spread the cost of Christmas food over a year. Each week a small amount of money was paid to a company towards the cost of your hamper, which would contain lots of festive extras such as a Christmas cake, tinned ham and fruit along with wine or spirits.

Over the last thirty years or so, the hampers are still a popular choice for Christmas with a lot of people still paying their money every week in return for a hamper. However, the contents of the hampers have altered greatly. We are more discernible when it comes to our food and drink, thinking more about where the food has been sourced from and how it has been produced, as well as the effects on the environment and on our health.

There is a growing trend towards organic food as it has been proved that it contains higher levels of vitamin C and essential minerals which, as a nation that is always looking for convenience, we can become depleted in. Organic food can also have higher levels of antioxidants which are nature’s defence against cancer.

It is always a pleasure to receive a gift hamper which has carefully sourced organic ingredients at Christmas time and we at The Organic Gift Hamper Company have a large selection of Christmas hampers as well as gift hampers for all occasions. Giving an organic gift hamper enables you to present a gift that is luxuriously decadent whilst enabling the recipient to maintain an organic lifestyle.

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