Natural slate floor tiles

Natural slate tiles are a beautiful and stylish option to consider when choosing floor tiles for the home or workplace.These types of floor tiles are extremely hard wearing and robust and can last many years and consequently they are an ideal flooring solution for domestic kitchens everywhere.

As kitchens are probably one of the most hard working and potentially grimy rooms in the home or business, it is essential that the floor tiles used are easily cleaned and are able to be kept sanitary and natural slate tiles require little more maintenance other then the occasional sweep and quick use of disinfectant. Food spills, dirt from pets and mud and dust brought in from shoes and boots can all be cleaned quickly and easily.

With constant heavy traffic in the kitchen area, dining tables and chairs being constantly moved and scraped as well as several pieces of heavy electrical equipment being used daily, kitchen flooring needs to be resilient and safe. Natural tiles are available in several textured options as well as the smooth types which can make them non slip and safe for use in any bustling and potentially hazardous environment such as the kitchen.

Natural slate tiles are available in a selection of colours and textures and Online Tile Shop can provide a wide range of options, while giving expert advice on usage and designs.As slate is a natural product, each tile is unique and this allows for a charm and variety which cannot be replicated by synthetic alternatives.

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