Linet UK is world leader in the production of heath care products. It has produced and delivered about 400 Eleganza 3 bed frames in various hospitals of UK. These are electronic bed frames and are specially designed to make the patients more comfortable and free to change their positions.

It will also reduce the manual handling of patients and the problems related to it. The director of nursing Liz Yates commented on these bed frames that such kind of bed frames have many kind of advantages for both patient and staff of the hospital.

Patient will feel far more comfortable on these kinds of hospital beds as they will feel no difficulty in the handling of their beds and they will be able to change their position in their own. These bed frames will be beneficial for the staff members also as it will be easy for them to operate these beds and moreover these beds are more flexible making it easy to examine the patients.

As the patients feel comfortable while changing their position and in moving their body so the risk of getting pressure ulcers is also reduced to a great extent. This type of ulcer is also called as bed sores and it happens when one has to lie on bed for a long time.

The risk of falling of patients from bed while changing position is also reduced by such kind of bed frames. These hospital beds are provided with side rail system to ensure the optimum safety of the patients. The distinguished qualities of such kind of hospital beds reduce the need of physical labor for the handling and positioning of patients. These hospital beds are also easy to clean and decontaminate. Linet UK also provides hospital equipments, care beds, treatment beds, care home beds etc.

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