Medical facilities

When in hospital, it is very important to have best of doctors, staff, cleanliness & hospitality. The next thing important is facilities. Hospitals take very much care about all the facilities they are providing to the patients. Few knowledge about Hospital things helps in deciding the hospitals one can go. First Thing is HOSPITAL BEDS:

These include some specific TREATMENT BEDS. Some are mentioned below.
1: “Intensive Care Unit Bed”: Backrest & knee rest are adjustable by crank mechanism which is very smooth. Even the level height can be adjusted , so that medical staff can easily examine the patient.
2: “Fowler Bed”: Backrest & Knee rest are adjustable by crank mechanism. It has brakes for swiveling castors.
3: “Semi Fowler Bed:” Here again the Backrest & knee rest sections are adjustable with crank mechanism. This also has brakes for swiveling castors. It has coat oif Epoxy powder
4: Ward Bed: This too has the same size suitable for the mattress of L1980 x W 910 mm.
Other than these TREATMENT BEDS, there is some else called CARE BED .
The CARE BEDS can also be used at home. Before choosing CARE HOME BEDS you should take care of following things :
1: Knowing Medical Condition: This includes : Knowing how much mobility the patient has ? Is he/she bed bound? Is He/She obese ? is the patient having risk of bed sores?
2: Knowing patients Needs: Does the patient need basic CARE HOME BED or fully features CARE HOME BED? The bed should suffice “medical-grade mattress”.
3: Know delivery & Set-Up: You should know your doors width then only the bed can come in. Do you have a lift if your home is at some floor? What is the size of you room? You make sure that some one set-up the bed & teach some one how to use it.
4: Know cost : Know the budget ,know if the insurance will help in buying ?
5: Know Time lines: You should know if you have some time to build new else you will have to pick from the stock.

Few examples of the HOSPITAL EQUIPMENTS that doctors regularly need are:
1: Cotton Wool
2: Crutches
3: Scissors

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