Correct equestrian clothing

For those who are relatively new to riding, it may seem a little strange to wear equestrian clothing such as jodhpurs and riding jackets. You may wonder why you should not ride wearing your usual jeans or casual trousers and fleece or lightweight jacket.

There are good reasons for the development over the years of specialist equestrian clothing. Jodhpurs are designed to allow for movement and for gripping. A good deal of horse control comes from the legs and feet as all beginners can testify from the aching and protesting muscles that do not usually get used very much. Jeans and other trousers are simply not designed for this type of activity and are very likely to hinder the free movement of a rider.

If this means that your leg movements are restricted then this will have an effect on the riding style that you develop and could in fact mean that you find it more difficult to learn and develop a good riding style. Similarly, riding jackets are designed to allow for room and movement across the shoulders so that you have freedom for your arms to move and deal with the reins.

Comfort is not the only factor here, but safety too; if you are restricted in your movements so cannot give clear messages through your legs and reins to your horse, they may feel unsure and nervy and therefore become more likely to be ‘spooked’ with the risk of throwing their rider. Everyone who rides knows that they will be thrown sometime, but there is no need to invite it.

Investing in appropriate equestrian clothing from us at Scotts of Langholm will ensure that you are comfortable and safe while on a horse, whether you are an expert at three day events or a novice just learning the basics of horseriding and trotting.

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