Enjoying clay pigeon shooting

Clay pigeon shooting is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from children right through to the elderly. It is so obvious that it hardly needs stating, but clay pigeon shooting needs a great deal of space for safety, so most shooting events tend to take place in fairly remote areas.

Obviously, there can’t be any houses, roads, bridle paths or footpaths in the direction in which the shooting takes place, so it is inevitable that in order to join an event you will have to think about a journey out of town.

One thing you need not worry about is wearing the appropriate shooting clothing, as we at Scotts of Langholm supply all the shooting clothing you will need for the day’s sport. Once you are kitted out, you can concentrate on learning the rules and skills of clay pigeon shooting.

Most people probably only know about clay pigeon shooting from seeing it on television and the main impression they have is of a voice calling “pull” and a gun swinging across the sky followed by a ‘crack’ and the clay pigeon breaking into little pieces.

In reality, it takes a bit more than that – there is some practice required before there is any likelihood, let alone certainty, of hitting the target. However, like all skills, practice really does make a difference and over time, the novice will see their hit rate improve.

Shooting clothing needs to be comfortable enough to allow you the movement needed to complete your swing and follow through. Finding that your arms are hindered by a tight jacket just as you want to pull the trigger would certainly be a damper on the day. This is why it is worthwhile investing in shooting clothing rather than wearing your usual about town clothes, even if you think they are comfortable and durable.

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