Create your own mini library

If you are someone that has a lot of books and would like to keep you own mini library, you need to invest in some bookcases. These would work really well in assisting you in organising your books exactly how you would like them to be.

Having your books organised on the bookcases make the books that you are looking for a lot easier to locate than if they were just placed on any shelf. They could be organised alphabetically or by author, the choice is yours. Bookcases are also a great way to clear the books away from multiple areas of the house and keeping them all in convenient and tidy locations.

Here at Shelfstore we have shelving to house all of your books and we have a great design package that will help you design the bookcase that will suit your needs. It will be simple to ensure that you get the exact size unit for the space that you have available.

You can select the height, depth and widths of the shelves and uprights. This is great as you can manage to get a bookcase that will fit perfectly in the space you have and house as many books as possible without wasting any space.

The units are constructed in a strong solid strong pine and all of the units are finished with a varnish to protect the pine. The units have steel shelf supports and they can be positioned exactly where you need them to be on the unit. Each of the shelves is capable of supporting 100kg.

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