Eco-friendly buildings and concrete floors can complement each other

Sustainable development, eco-friendly buildings and improved manufacturing techniques may be the “buzz” words of today and indeed, an absolute necessity in the modern day but it is as equally important that our heritage is preserved.

That is one of the reasons why organisations such as the National Trust exist and there are specialist rules and regulations surrounding Grade II listed buildings which developers and businesses alike need to adhere to.

Green is most definitely gold, but there is still plenty of room for both the past and the present to live together in the same building.

Even in today’s economic climate where funding is tight for restoration projects, more and more companies are realising that professional floor preparation through concrete grinding and finishing can actually not only enhance a building, but preserve our heritage and assure efficient use of finances.

When plans are put together, companies look to preserve a building’s integrity and character and the current economic climate demands careful consideration to available funding, practicality, and ensure value for money tests are passed with flying colours.
Thanks to improvements in concrete polishing processes, we at Westcoast Resources now use systems such as the revolutionary HTC Superfloor™.

The system involves simple yet ingenious techniques which uses a concrete grinder process, and with careful floor preparation techniques takes an average concrete floor and quite literally transforms it into a floor surface which is even stronger and more durable than it was previously.

Further preservation or enhancement can be achieved through attractive finishes in a variety of colours if preferred

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