Creating a romantic bedroom

Modern home accessories can help a small bedroom look beautiful, and with only a small budget. If romance is in the air, adding a few home accessories with new or existing bed linen, and a change of lighting, can alter the whole décor and mood of a bedroom.

Achieving a romantic mood in a bedroom is about finding a mixture of elements which include lighting, colour, home accessories, and furniture.Start by looking at your bedroom and experiment with different ideas, paying attention to your preferences and dislikes. Home accessories, such as a few candles and a couple of white heart shaped vases that can display red roses, are bound to make you feel relaxed and romantic.

If you want to fully redesign a bedroom, that is great but there is no need to revamp a room for it to radiate calmness and romance. Changing a room is a matter of taste and it is very easy to achieve.Colour in any room is used as a tool to create a certain effect or mood and it can have a strong, yet subtle effect on a person’s mind. Just looking at certain colours can change emotions and by using home accessories in subtle colours in your bedroom you can have the beautiful room you desire.

At Nordic House we have a range of white candles in different shapes and matching white vases that will look wonderful with a display of red roses. Try grouping a few candles in a corner of your bedroom, or on your bedroom cabinets at the side of your bed, for a soft dreamy look.

Placing a picture on the window sill and surrounding it with a glass vase filled with dried rose petals is another romantic gesture that is pleasing to the eye and it creates a romantic and cosy haven.

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