Modern décor and modern home accessories

If you are in the mood to revamp your living room, or any room in your home without spending too much, then look at the exact budget that you have allowed yourself.

Depending on your budget, the décor can be altered with a few home accessories.

If you are not changing any of the existing furniture why not move it around a little? It helps when choosing new living room accessories if you first decide what is going to be the main focal point of your living room.

Accessories can complement the colour of your walls or add a splash of colour with a few scattered cushions. If the room concerned happens to be one where children do their schoolwork in the evening, it may be that you require fabulous lighting. White crisp linen cushions and matching white candles used as home accessories can comfortably lighten up any room.

Modern home accessories can alter the mood of a room with clean lines that allow quick and easy cleaning. A busy room with house accessories such as vases, ornaments and family pictures takes a little more time to clean.

Sometimes living room accessories can become fussy and removing a few in the summer months, adding new white linen cushions, will freshen up the room.

In the autumn and winter months, bring out your hidden ornaments and exchange them for the existing ones. Look at placing your home accessories together on a window sill or a fireplace with a few new candles to change the mood of the room.

At Nordic House we suggest it can be more cost effective to think of the home accessories you have in different rooms in a home and swap them around. Look at the effect you want to create and adding a few new white candles or a mirror on a wall makes a difference to a room.

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