CTG Healthcare named ‘Best Dental Clinic in Turkey’

London, United Kingdom, (Nov 18, 2009) – Leading provider of dental and cosmetic medical services to patients from Turkey, the United Kingdom and around the world, CTG Healthcare (www.ctghealthcare.co.uk) have been awarded the coveted title of “Best Dental Clinic in Turkey’ by UK magazine Overseas Living.

Citing the large numbers of UK residents having to wait for long periods of time to see an NHS dentist in the United Kingdom, Overseas Living magazine highlighted CTG Healthcare’s high quality and extremely affordable dental service as well as their fully-equipped and technologically advanced dental treatment rooms when naming the company, based in Izmir, Turkey, as the recipient of the 2009 award.

Highly qualified dentists, fluent in English, carry out all of the dental work at the company’s modern practice, offering patients a vast range of treatments including orthodontic work, teeth whitening, porcelain crowns and root canal procedures, to name but a few.
With such cutting edge dentistry available at 70% lower costs than in the UK, CTG Healthcare are not only receiving recognition through awards from respected organisations and publications such as Overseas Living, the number of British patients flocking to Turkey for treatment is continually on the rise.

“We’re hugely pleased with this award,” said Cagdas Sonmez of CTG Healthcare, speaking to Overseas Living magazine. “It really recognises the up-to-the-minute high quality work we’ve been doing for a long time.”

Find out more about CTG Healthcare and their wide range of medical services in Turkey at www.ctghealthcare.co.uk or contact their UK office on 0203 178 2796.

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