No strings attached: the benefits of cordless tools

More and more DIY enthusiasts are benefitting from the accuracy and efficiency of power tools making their tasks so much easier. There is however a potential extra level of convenience often overlooked by many: the opportunity to use cordless tools.

The range of tools powered by rechargeable batteries is growing all the time. Not only is it possible to purchase cordless drills, but one can now also buy items such as cordless electric saws and cordless angle grinders.

The obvious advantage of cordless tools is in no longer having to locate a power socket and unwind an extension lead each time a tool is being used. This enables greater freedom of movement when using a tool and also grants several safety benefits: cables no longer pose a trip hazard; the risk of cutting through a wire is eliminated; and the chances of electric shocks are greatly reduced.

Potential purchasers will also be pleased to learn that previous criticisms levelled against cordless tools have now largely been overcome. Charging times, for example, have been greatly reduced, with some tools requiring only 22 minutes to fully load up ready to use. What is more, once fully-charged, most cordless tools enjoy a very generous period of operational life before needing to be charged again.

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