Diamonds to suit all styles

Diamonds, as they so famously say, are forever – and that means when it comes to diamond rings, the style you choose is crucial because it’s going to grace your finger for a very long time indeed.

The rings you choose are as individual as yourself, and represent an investment that’s going to last a lifetime.
At ROX, we pride ourselves in sourcing and supplying a range of diamond rings so extensive and delightful that even the choosiest of buyers will find the ideal piece of jewellery for them.

Solitaire and sidestone rings
Solitaire diamond rings are classics, capturing amazing brilliance and sparkle in a single stone mounted with claws that position the stone where it will catch the most light. The cut of the diamond is important, and we stock stones that range from brilliant and oval cut to heart shapes, the marquise, the princess and the emerald cut.

Some people prefer to add a supportive sparkle to their large diamond, and opt for sidestone diamond rings, which have small stones set into the ring itself to provide added brilliance.

Trilogy rings, eternity rings and cluster rings
Trilogy diamond rings, as their name suggests, have three lovely stones with a symbolic importance – they stand for the past, present and future. Eternity rings also represent time – their circlet of smaller stones set into the ring itself symbolise an unbroken circle of love and devotion, and many people buy these diamond rings to celebrate a happy long-term relationship.

Cluster rings are wonderfully decorative, adding brilliance to any outfit, and come with diamonds in some beautiful shapes and cuts.

Right hand rings
Right hand rings are a superb statement for the independent woman, adding brilliance to any occasion.
Browse our website at and sample the sparkle – we know you’ll find the diamonds to suit your own personal style.

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