Options for shower valves

Shower valves may appear at first to be pretty innocuous items to debate about but because of recent developments and improvements in the design of bathroom fixtures and fittings, there are now many different options in the choosing of shower valves to consider. Shower valves are designed to control both the temperature and the pressure of the shower water and they are essential components for the enjoyment of showering.

With many features to now choose from, finishing the look of a bathroom with these small details has never been easier.

Because shower valves have dual purposes, there is the choice of having a separate valve for the heat control and one for the water force, or the other choice is to have a single valve to control both elements. There is also the choice between manual and thermostatic shower valves.

Manual shower valves are those which require physical adjustments and are the more traditional options. However, these can sometimes be awkward and tricky and can often interfere with the enjoyment of taking a shower. Getting the right temperature for your shower, while you are showering, can be tricky if you adjust the temperature too much one way or the other. Other factors in the house, such as someone flushing the downstairs loo, can also cause unexpected temperature fluctuations.

A thermostatic shower valve is a component which contains a temperature control element which allows for the desired water temperature to remain static for as long as the shower is activated. This is a great option helping to avoid the fiddly process of maintaining the water temperature throughout the shower, allowing for a much more relaxing and stress-free experience.

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