Disabled lifts reach new levels

If you are a person who uses a wheelchair and you decide to go out shopping you may dread the prospect of finding a store that does not have a wheelchair lift.

Most stores allow for easy access on the lower floors of their stores but they do not have wheelchair lifts therefore shopping is limited to the ground floor.

A disability lift is not an additional service that store provides for their customers; it is the law of this country that disabled people have the right to have easy access to established buildings and new builds.

Store owners can purchase a wheelchair lift or a disability lift that allows users to shop on any floor. The Disability Discrimination Act was established in 1994 to create more access for disabled individuals in offices and stores throughout the country.

Small businesses or areas where there are two floors or more in buildings can take advantage of an open platform lift or choose one of the ranges of short rise lifts that are available. Both these products can be placed next to an existing staircase or where space is limited and if used would be the ideal solution to the problem.

There are a number of disabled lifts in the marketplace and reputable companies are able to give and advice and information relevant to their range of types and models.

Wheelchair lifts or short rise lifts allow a wheelchair user to travel up and down from one level to another with ease and thus keep their independence.

Wheelchair lifts can mean an end to old-fashioned style ramps and manufacturers have installed safety features as a high priority on all their models.

At DDA Lifts we pride ourselves on providing high quality disability lifts for easy access in any business or home environment.

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