Why Choose Teak Garden Furniture?

Teak furniture sets are a fantastic option for your garden as it is incredibly cost-effective; being almost free of maintenance needs and it is made from a renewable source. When purchasing garden furniture you want to be able to guarantee a furniture set that will stand the test of time…and more importantly the weather! Here’s why Teak Garden Furniture is a worthwhile investment:

– Maintenance – one of the beauties of Teak furniture is the lack of maintenance, and with the British weather being so unpredictable you need a low maintenance garden furniture set to stand the ever-changing weather! Teak furniture literally takes little or no maintenance depending on the look you are after. Teak isn’t prone to rotting, splintering or deterioration; the only thing it will do over time is change its shade to a lighter silver colour. However, this is still a fantastic shade and many people are happy with this colour furniture. Should you wish to keep the darker colour, maintenance is easy with simple steps once a year (see our other article: How to Maintain Your Teak Garden Furniture).

– Hard-wearing – not many other garden furniture sources can compete with Teak when it comes to durability. After all, this wood was used onboard ships in the eighteenth century because it was so durable in the stormy weather and sea conditions!
– Renewable Source – we are constantly being reminded to be “Green” and Teak furniture offers a fantastic opportunity for you to do your bit for the environment. Teak furniture is generally harvested from sources that regulate the natural habitats of these trees to ensure there is never over-harvesting of this valuable wood.
– Longtime Reliability – due to its permanency, this wood is worth the price on first purchase as it lasts so much longer than more modern metal furniture sets.

By buying your garden furniture from a reputable company like Chic Teak, you are guaranteeing a fantastic investment for your garden. Using the best quality teak, Chick Teak offer you a fantastic array of garden furniture sets that will be a brilliant asset to any garden.

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