Don’t be a hoarder, sell your mobile phone

Most of us have a mobile phone. Many of us have several of them. Mobiles have been around since Noel Edmonds was the biggest thing in television and have been really common since the dawn of the new millennium. Even the most careful of users will have most likely updated their phone at least a couple of times.

Yet how many people have actively done something constructive with their old phone? Most phones have probably been put away in a drawer, perhaps prepared for some bizarre unexpected event that will prompt the use of a dead mobile phone without a charger!

There is a great solution to this problem that is almost effortless and also delivers hard cash to the phone owner who does not wish to keep a memorial drawer of old mobile phones. It is easy to sell your mobile phone to The Fone Exchange and you can very quickly have additional money in your bank account.

Mobile phones should never be thrown away as they do contain materials that can be recycled and should not be going into landfill. Working phones that are plainly out of date to you have great value in developing countries where, especially for many isolated communities, mobile phone technology is more suitable than landline technology.

All it takes to sell your mobile is to check whether the phone is saleable and request a free post envelope. Send the working phone and charger away and the money can be with you shortly.

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