What happened to the good old video rental hire?

The days when there was a DVD or video rental store on every street corner is now over and some of us may be quite sad at their passing. On a typical, often rainy, Friday night, you could go in and browse, get the film of your choice, pick up a bottle of wine and order a take away, then settle in for the night. However, now everything has become a little more hi-tech and we are able to watch these movies online with the added lure that they are free.

Of course, with the onset of the digital age and flat screen digital televisions, downloading an online film doesn’t mean a group of you huddling around a laptop to watch it. Sophisticated digitalised visual and sound equipment means that streaming online films onto your television is easy and the rest is comfortable armchair viewing. The wine can still be chilled and the Chinese take away ordered and delivered. Hence the experience of watching movies online in that respect remains the same as the good old video days.

Even better, online movie sites like The Only Device provide more than just free opportunities for watching movies online. They link out to other virtual communities and sites which open up the whole concept of community watching. This facilitates the sharing of ideas and thoughts with other interested people on social networking sites like Facebook, for example. Sometimes, it is still a nicer experience to have a traditional movie night in with a loved one.

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