Enhance your body with cosmetic surgery abroad

Breast augmentation or breast enlargement abroad is a surgery performed that is performed under a genral anesthetic with the operation lasting for up to one or two hours.

At CTG Healthcare, we have qualified cosmetic surgeons who are able to put a person’s mind at rest about the procedures that breast enlargement abroad entails.

We organise a pre-surgery consultation with our surgeon to open up and match a patient’s ideas with real possibilities of the breasts in proprtion to the size of their body.
Our cosmetic surgery abroad procedure is about enlarging a person’s breast up to the size that has been agreed at a one to one consultationAt the same time we take into consideration when doing any breast enlargement abroad the full medical report received from your local GP.

Silicone implants are inserted under the mammary gland. There is a choice of implants and their placement depends on what you require to make you feel great about yourself.

Our cosmetic surgeon abroad will decide with you the area that that the incision will be placed. On agreement by both paties it could be below the breast in the infra mammary fold, areola or in the armpit.
The implant will be placed in the mammary gland, under the muscle or pathway under the muscle. The implant has to cover the muscle for a more natural look.

Either method will have advantages and disadvantages. Breast enlargement abroad involves placing the implant behind each breast to show an increase in size and volume. This will create the breast’s shape and stop any sagging.
Cosmetic surgery abroad can make a huge difference to a woman’s confidence.
We consider the recovery time after breast enlargement abroad should be around two weeks at least. This is the time that it can take for your body to start healing.

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