Smile about our dental treatment abroad

When you decide to go on your annual holiday it may be at the back of your mind that you would like to have cosmetic dentistry abroad.

The great thing about having dental treatment abroad is that it is easy to combine both a holiday and dental treatment without wasting your precious hard earned time off work.

At CTG Healthcare, we offer our customers the best of both worlds. We have a fabulous country for you to take in all the sights and our dentist abroad will be there to look after your teeth.

Our dentist abroad will meet you to discuss your options. It may be that you would want to have new veneers that are white in colour yet lifelike. The veneers we use are natural, strong and durable.

We can offer you a service that looks at changing the shape of your teeth and in some cases correct the colour and spaces of teeth that are crooked.

If you prefer we can whiten your teeth with our fast and safe bleaching method and if this is for you there is more than one treatment method you can decide on.

It is a private time in your life where you are giving yourself a treat and the opportunity to see how you look every time you see yourself in the mirror.

Having lovely bright and sparkling white teeth makes a person feel full of confidence and ready to face the world.

Walking around and having a new tan will complete your experience of cosmetic dental treatment abroad.

More and more people are using their time off to take in some of the sunshine once they have had dental treatment abroad.

When you arrive home your friends and family will notice the change in you. The new you will be down to your dental treatment abroad.

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