Eternity rings in white gold

Eternity rings are a very popular gift for your loved one, especially if it is your anniversary. Why not do something romantic this Christmas and buy your lovely wife or even girlfriend a beautiful white gold diamond eternity ring?

An eternity ring will never go out of style and you can get them to match her engagement ring or wedding ring. First, you need to decide what metal you would like and what style. This is easy to do if you are matching it with other rings, but can be quite difficult if you are not.

White gold is a mixture of yellow gold and other metals, such as nickel, palladium and silver. The reason that white gold is mixed with other metals is because white gold is not the natural colour and therefore, must be mixed. Also pure gold is far too soft for an eternity ring and mixing it with other materials will give you the white gold colour and toughen up the metal.

After a long period of time, your white gold eternity ring may become a little dull. If this does occur, then take it to a jeweller and they will be able to re-coat your eternity ring at a very reasonable cost. To maintain your white gold eternity ring yourself, use warm soapy water, never use boiling water, and clean gently.

If you would like a white gold eternity ring, but do not know which one to use, then why not contact us here at Marlows Certified Diamonds where we will be happy to help you.

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