Motorbike insurance and other non-car insurance provision

The process of getting insurance for any type of vehicle that isn’t a car, can sometimes be a lot more difficult than you might think. It may just be because the majority of vehicles on the road are cars or it could be that car insurance is seen as less risk. Whatever it is, the fact is that the majority of insurance companies’ vehicle policies are for van insurance. If you spoke to one of these mainstream insurers and asked for a quote for a motorbike, van, minibus or even a taxi, then the chances are that they may not insure you. They possibly don’t understand the risks of other vehicle insurance or it may just be that they are happy with only insuring cars.

As these so called “bigger” insurers are not in the market for insuring anything other than cars, it does leave a big market of uninsured vehicles. This is where Freeway Insurance Services come in. We have over 10 years of experience in insuring everything from motorbikes to taxis all the way up to mini buses.

As insurance of certain types of vehicles also requires specialist cover, we are able to provide breakdown cover, public liability cover and even lost keys cover. We offer a wide range of services and our aim is to provide a more personalised and tailored service where we can truly take time to establish our customer’s needs.

When it comes to specialist insurance, it can be sensible to talk to an insurer with relevant expertise. Unlike some other insurers, they may fully understand the need for specialist insurance; their understanding helps them to provide a complete and comprehensive service to their customers.

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