Ethical diamonds

Owning ethical diamonds is every girl’s dream and can mark many significant miles stones in her life, such as a special birthday, an engagement or a wedding. An ethical diamond shows uniqueness and grace and is truly admired by everyone who wears it or who sees it.

New technologies have made the production of ethical diamonds so much easier and are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Ethical products are becoming more fashionable as people become more aware of the social, economic and environmental consequences of their consumption. Not many people want to buy products that have helped to fuel conflict or which have been produced through extremely exploitative practices. Nor is it common to have no concern for the environment.

Over the years, diamonds have been produced in many different colours and are definitely the ultimate gem and fashion accessory to own. Many celebrities are sporting a fabulous diamond, as they always complement any style of dress and any person wearing them.

The name diamond comes from the ancient Greek language and means “proper”, “unalterable” and “unbreakable”. Diamonds are said to be the first gem that was recognised and was mined in India, as this is where significant deposits of diamonds were found many years ago.

Diamonds have been the most treasured possession and gem stone ever. The popularity of wearing and owning a diamond has increased dramatically since the 19th century, as the techniques for cutting diamonds have significantly improved.

If you are thinking of purchasing some ethical diamonds for a loved one or friend (maybe it is going to be used as a bespoke engagement ring), then here at Ingle And Rhode, we offer a wide variety of ethical jewellery for you to choose from and we can also offer you advice to meet your specific requirements.

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