Custom engagement rings

Has your loved one asked that very important question? Did you say yes and now do you need to consider what style of engagement ring you would like?

Do not think about your perfect wedding dress just at this moment, and get the hiring of that special venue out of your head. You need to seriously consider what will be the perfect engagement ring for you. If you want to be different and cannot find a ring that you feel is right for you, then why not consider a custom engagement ring?

Custom engagement rings are extremely popular and are a great way of ensuring that no one else has an engagement ring quite like yours. You will be able to design your custom engagement ring yourself, right down to the finest details and therefore it will be completely unique.

In the world of modern consumerism, we all have plenty of choices. Despite this plethora of choice, we are often influenced by advertisements and contemporary fashion trends. This means that lots of people choose to appear in similar ways. Designing a personal item which is valuable to you is one way of choosing to be that little bit different.

When designing your custom engagement ring, you need to consider whether or not you would prefer a vintage or contemporary design. You may well have already come to this decision already, but it is always a good idea to have a look in some jewellers shops to get some ideas before commencing with your design.

You now need to think about how you would like the stone to appear. You can have multiple stones, a solitaire stone or a cluster style engagement ring. A solitaire custom engagement ring always looks very impressive and stylish.

Here at Ingle And Rhode we can offer you help and advice for choosing the perfect custom engagement ring. We have a wide range of ethical diamonds to choose from.

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